Wednesday, October 16, 2013

West -- a Roadtrip

After Burning Man I spent a couple of weeks driving the Tacoma around the Western US, visiting friends and parks. What a beautiful country!

Obviously, that was before certain parts of congress embarrassed all of us and shut down the government, including our National Parks. ;-) But while the parks were mostly open during my trip, once I left Nevada and got into Utah they were pretty wet and sometimes flooded. I ended up in the weather systems that would eventually make it to Colorado and cause lots of rain and flooding everywhere, resulting in a canceled canyoneering trip that I had been looking forward to for a while, and somewhat limited hiking options whenever there were canyons involved...

Navajo Arch at Arches National Park
My destinations included:

Batgirl at the Colorado National Monument, with some weather in the background...
This was the last big trip of my year off. It's time to earn some money again. Stay tuned for a blog post with conclusions and what's gonna be next, to follow some time in the next weeks... :-)

Redwoods in Northern California